Hot-mess or Meticulous Coward?

Yin and Yang.. Chalk and Cheese.. Apples and Oranges ..

Similarly, we have Dreamers and Realists.

Some people say that they’re both, but I beg to differ. Maybe there’s that one life changing decision to be made, and that’s when you’ll come to know which side of the fence you’re on.


So, which one are you?
I’m 24, and an out and out dreamer. I feel very fortunate to be rubbing shoulders on a day to day basis with like-minded people because as we get older and typical life responsibilities kick in, realists arise and declare that our dreams and aspirations are silly and pointless. They tell us to ‘grow up’ in other words. The movie industry however, is full to the brim with writers, directors, actors etc who literally dedicate their lives to making what realists would call ‘fantasies’, actual reality on screen.
Nevertheless, behind the scenes, we have the more practical, logical, realists. Such as the producers; the money men. Funnily enough, neither one can work without the other!

Each side has their own strong values and beliefs and it takes a mixture of both to make the world go round. Dreamers tend to be instinctive and go with their gut instinct, where as realists prefer to stick to their well thought out and structured plan. Neither are right or wrong but my question to you would be, ‘ Can you go through life with a load of *what if’s* lurking at the back of your mind? ‘

I, for sure can’t.

Here’s a simple example..

I adore travelling, and I was making small talk to someone on a flight across Europe over the Summer…

” So tell me what’s on your travel bucket list, where to next? ”

( To which I thought would start up an interesting conversation for the remainder of the flight.)

This is was what I got back…

” I don’t have one. I’ve seen everything I want to see.  ”
I was a bit lost for words and pushed him for a bit more. He then continued to reel off ONE single country. That, literally, was the end of that!

I consider myself a well-seasoned traveller, as was the person sitting next to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love a luxurious getaway and for sure appreciate the comfort of knowing that something is familiar and safe, but the thought of visiting new cities, meeting different people and living life with wide-open eyes, excites me!
I want to to know I’ve done everything I possibly can, I’ve seen everything I could possibly see. I want to keep feeling, experiencing, evolving.


In reality and in day to day life, it’s so hard to stay true to those dream driven ways.
You find yourself getting wound up and second guessing yourself because the practical realists of the world will more often than not tell you that it’s a form of escapism and what your envisioning for the future is a mere fairytale.

THAT’S NOT TRUE and at that moment it’s time for you to throw on your blinkers.

Only surround yourself with people who strive for more, but as we all know, opposites do attract. In this situation, dreamers can learn something from realists, and realists can learn something from us dreamers.
Sometimes it can work in a weird harmony and people can in fact balance each other out.
However, at the end of the day, staying true to yourself and your own beliefs is what’s important because it’s so easy to lose yourself.
The one piece of advice I’d give to those of you who are finding it difficult to follow their dreams, is to never EVER give up.
Believe me, it will be difficult, even exhausting, but the end result will be unbelievably worth while.

dreamers vs realist john lennon

Love, Amy x

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