Feel SEXY in your SKIN

Feel SEXY in your SKIN

We spend a fortune on shoes, bags, clothes and whatever else it takes to make us look and feel good but

 day in and day out, what we’re constantly wearing is our skin!

I know, first hand, how upsetting it can be to wake up in the morning with a mini mountain

eruption on your face. It can knock your confidence and have a big effect on your self esteem.

When something pops up, DON’T stress (that just makes it worse anyway)

Have a look at my Guidelines to Glow below.

I’ve come up with a few ideas to beat bad breakouts.

It’s time to feel sexy in your skin!

Guidelines to Glow

– DO eat according to your body type. A one size fits all approach to nutrition will not work and that’s why it’s important to know what suits YOU. Find out your blood type and if you can arrange an allergy test whilst you’re at it.
– DO keep it simple. My skin care routine does not consist of any fancy formulas or expensive products; they just clog up your pores and upset the balance of your skin.
– DO allow your skin to breathe. For me, makeup is a daily routine and I’m usually working in hot conditions, but at the end of the day, I ALWAYS remove my makeup.
– DO move your booty. Exercise isn’t just for losing weight, it’s great for your for keeping a young appearance and healthy glow. When you get the blood pumping around your body and increasing the blood flow, it helps nourish skin cells and keep them vitalised. It’s great to get a good sweat on whilst working out because it propels toxins, dirt and oils out of your pores.
– DON’T be a picker. I know how tempting it can be to have a poke at pimples but that makes them 10x worse, plus the marks take forever to go. Leave it to the professionals. Find a good Dermatoligst to do an extraction. If you get the urge, have a gander at @pimplepopper on instagram. You’re welcome 🙂
– DON’T overdo dairy. It’s scientifically proven, that food products containing milk, butter and cream are just no good for us. The amount of hormones and steroids getting pumped into that poor old cow to make it produce all of that diary, day in day out, is certainly not what we want inside our bodies.

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