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If you’re travelling from Mumbai, Jet Airways and Air France offer direct flights straight in Charles De Gaulle airport. From the UK, there are hundreds of direct flights available on a daily basis, but if I had to choose between flying and taking the Eurostar, I’d pick the train every time. It’s quicker in the long run, plus the scenery is a lot prettier.


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Where to stay, Le Royal Monceau Raffles

Le Royal Monceau has earned the status of being the flagship of the Raffles Hotel group in Europe, and that doesn’t surprise me. It is literally perfect in every sense. Phillipe Starck reinvented the hotel several years ago and like all of his designs, it’s elegant, chic yet still obtaining an easy going vibe. It’s basically, very Parisian! The hotel is decked out with very cool art, luscious furnishings and don’t even get me started on the bathroom , I could spend the whole day taking pictures in there!

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Now they say, ‘the way to a mans heart is through his belly’ and I definitely agree! Just make sure your trip to Paris is short and sweet, otherwise you’ll leave the country five stone heavier, but madly in love nevertheless (it’s bread central).


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7.30am. COFFEE. Grab an esperesso and a sticky bun, throw it in a bag and you’re set for the day.

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Brunch at Claus

In my opinion, this is the most important meal of the day; a time when we get to do two of our favourite things at once, eat and gossip about the night before! I’m an avid ‘bruncher’ and I love spending an Saturday afternoon discovering new hot spots with the girls (it astounds me how many different ways they can rustle up an avocado.) Anyway… Saturday afternoon in Paris was no different, and I can proudly say, I’ve found the number one spot for brunch in the city.

amy jackson claus

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Claus offers four set menus (you can mix and match in parts) but I went for the famous Le Brunch option minus the meat. I was head over heels after the portion of cinnamon bread was served, never mind anything else. The main meal consisted of a lot of healthy raw goodness and the last component was a Super Breakfast Bowl which was delicious, but my sweet tooth kicked in and I had major food envy – the prune and ricotta brioche which came along with Le Jean Jaques Rousseau looked unbelievable. My only tip would be to switch up the hot chocolate and have a herbal tea instead (I’ve got a better place for hot chocolate anyway, keep reading!) and get there early, the queue is out the door.

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Lunch at Monmatre

If you want to do a bit of sightseeing, Monmatre is the place to go. Jump in a car and head up the cobbled streets until you arrive at what feels like another world. The place is full to the brim with artists and their muses, spontaneous street shows and quaint cafes.


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We chose La Gallette Des Moulins and if you visit, don’t forget to share your crumbs with the baby sparrows who live in the shrubs! However, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to good food in Monmatre so I’ll leave the decision up to you. My only advice is to add a glass of red wine to your order and watch the world go by in style.

amy jackson monmatre

Afternoon Tea at Le Meurice, La Dali

High Tea is a very British trait and even though I’m British myself, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that we own the show when it’s comes to a good cuppa and a scone. However, Le Meurice is part of The Dorchester Collection ( afternoon tea at The Dorchester is simply the best) and I can safely say, the French have mastered it pretty well themselves.

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If you’re feeling fancy, there is no better place for afternoon tea than La Dali. It is the epitome of luxury. Le Meurice is reknowned for being a favourite with The Royals and from the moment you enter, you’ll feel like a King or Queen yourself. Once again, the room is designed by the one and only Phillipe Starck;  staring up at the overwhelmingly beautiful ceiling with a glass of champagne and a plate full of cakes is my idea of heaven ! I suggest you go on a day when you’re not dieting because the selection of sandwiches, pastries and sweets make it impossible to resist. You’ve got to try the rose jam, The Peach and a glass of Champagne Pommery – Apanage Rosé.

le dali dessert amy jackson

Dinner at Matignon

The food in Matignon is great ( try the quinoa salad followed by the truffle risotto) but that’s not the main reason behind dining there –  it’s the atmosphere! Dinner at Matignon sets the tone for the night ahead even after ordering the ‘carbyest’ dish on the menu. Across the entire restaurant, people are dancing in between tucking into their starters, champagne bottles are flowing and the Dj is getting louder and louder. You’ll feel like you’ve had a night out before you even reach the club!

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Sunday afternoon at Hotel Costes

It’s the place to be seen, but ironically, it’s almost impossible to see anyone (I’m talking Iphone flashlight to make it to the toilet). Dimly lit and heavyily furnished, Hotel Costes is the perfect Sunday afternoon retreat. There are tonnes of hidden alcoves and secret corners to get cosy in, but you’ll find me, in the open air courtyard with a plate of strawberries accompanied by a Bellini. Merci Paris!


P.S if you want to make her feel special, they have their own florist next door 😉

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Best Bits

Hot chocolate – Angelinas.


If you plan on pigging out with a cake, the white version is lighter than the traditional African hot chocolate.

Cocktail – Prescription Cocktail Club.

Prescription cocktail club blog

Shopping at Venome Square can be thirsty work. Hydrate at this understated bar with the meanest cocktails in town.

Crêperie – Le Tire-Bouchon

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I finally found it! The crepe chef, Enzo, will serenade you with French love songs whilst he rustles up your food.

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