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Travel Bug

Over the next few weeks, people are looking forward to their Christmas holidays and soaring above the clouds, on their way to a sunnier destination. It might sound like a good idea, but it’s hell for your body!

Low levels of oxygen, swollen joints, dry skin, along with the pressure and humidity all have an enormous effect.

The battle to beat these problems start before you take the flight!

Here’s a list of ammunition:

amy jackson makeup


A good packet of simple, plain face wipes. Take everything off! I really feel for the air hostess’ who have to wear makeup throughout the flight and still manage to look absolutely gorgeous! I also have a little weapon for that, the Skin Perfect Primer from Dermalogica. It acts as a barrier between skin and makeup, if incase, you need to wear makeup on the journey


THE most important factor – moisturiazation. The pressurised cabins totally dry your skin out. My favourite on-flight moisturiser is Clarins Hydraquench Cream Mask. Take a dollop and smother it all over your face.

For the areas which get really dry such as your lips, I swear by Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.

Use the time on long haul flights to also

Invest in a good eye mask and a neck pillow. The multiple time zones can really mess your body clock up, so try to sleep for a couple of hours before reaching your destination.

Buy a giant bottle of water before boarding and pop in some vitamins. Berroca is my go-to orange tablet, the vitamin C will help your immune system..

Now we have the ‘on arrival exhaustion situation’ . Melatonan tablets are your best friend in this case. They regulate your sleep pattern and encourage your internal body clock to reboot.

Travel Items


After a busy shooting schedule and flights from India, Dubai and back again, I finally landed in England. I usually go for a quick facial at my favourite clinic in Liverpool, Aestheically You. This time, Michelle, the owner, encouraged me to get the Dermaplaning Facial, and the results were fantastic! My tired, dull complexion was totally transformed in less than an hour.

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  1. Hi Amy
    This blog post gave me some new tips for when I next go on holiday so thank you. I’m abi from @amyjackson slays on instagram!

  2. Hi Amy. Can u please write on what kind of diet a person shud follow for a healthy glowing skin and a Prrfect body like you

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